Having already thoroughly enjoyed Volume 1: A Photographic Journey Through the Walt Disney World Parks, I was quite anxious to receive my copy of all things Disneyland!

First impressions: once again, the quality of the book is evident in the thick, padded front and back cover. This is no text book with a paper jacket – this is a high-quality book you will not only treasure but is worthy of display on your bookshelf or coffee table.

Just as with the first book covering Walt Disney World Parks, I approached this book the same way by first viewing each image, page-by-page. I must say, Bill & Eric got some incredible empty park shots at night and even a few in daylight. As I paged forward, each and every image stands on its own merit and perfectly helps tell the story.

I then go back to the beginning and start to read Holly’s wonderfully crafted story. Using personal experiences, Disney research and even quotes from Walt himself or other Imagineers, the words help take you back to your own Disney experiences. Coupled with the imagery, the story comes alive in a way that celebrates the legacy we’ve all come to enjoy.

As I continue reading, I am truly blown away – page-after-page of stunning, detailed, story-telling imagery. Disney anecdotes and Imagineer accounts make this second volume nothing short of beautiful.

As an added bonus, there’s even some great information and imagery on the various Disneyland Resorts and Hotels.

Once again, the team has outdone themselves and created a book you are sure to treasure. If you’ve been fortunate to visit Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, this book will keep those memories alive. If you’ve not yet had the chance to venture West – this book will surely get your excitement up for a fantastic Disney Vacation!


I felt like I was in Disneyland!

An excellent book! Holly has an unparalleled, in-depth knowledge of the history of Disneyland and vividly describes every corner. Bill and Eric beautifully captured the details of Disneyland so much so, that I felt like I was there! Each photograph intimately matched the words perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed reliving my trip to Disneyland while reading Capturing the Magic!

Five stars!

Great book about Disneyland with beautiful and breathtaking pictures.

Fabulous book!

After buying the first Capturing The Magic for the WDW Parks, I did not hesitate in purchasing this one as soon as it was available. This book is filled with beautiful and amazing high-quality photographs that definitively capture the magic of Disneyland. Just like their other book, this one is a must have for all Disney collectors and I heartily recommend it!

A must have for Disneyland fans!

An amazing journey through Disneyland!  The photography is unbelievably beautiful and takes you right back to Disneyland. I love the information and quotes from Walt that are throughout the book but not overwhelming… they work hand in hand with the photos. Holly, Bill & Eric have brought the magic home! This is a must have for any Disney fan!! Thank you for sharing the magic!

The perfect keepsake to relive your Disneyland visit!

The happiest place on earth deserves the most beautiful book, and this sumptuous volume does not disappoint. Exploring this book is like having your own personal tour guide of the resort as it takes you land by land through Walt’s original park and area by area of DCA. You are taken on attractions, have kerbside views of parades, and enjoy fireworks and spectaculars. Perfect for those wanting to relive the magic of their last visit; or keeping the magic alive between visits.

Miss Holly,  Extraordinary!  Thank you very much for your gift of Disney.  The collaboration of your text and breathtaking photography is the perfect symbiotic relationship between two art forms.  In my world, you have truly captured the magic, and I am now inspired to get a year’s pass to “step into” the magic!

You and the photographers have succeeded in creating a definite true journey into exceptional!  Bravo!

Wiencek, who has made more than 300 visits to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla., makes a convincing (if one-sided) case for a stroll down memory lane in this coffee-table album with lush color photos by Sferrazza and Weber. The book is divided into four sections, replete with double-page spreads that depict each of the four theme parks at the resort in the order they were built. Opening with photographs of Magic Kingdom Park, the first of four theme parks that became Disney World, in Orlando, Fla., Wiencek serves as the guide for this photographic tour, providing slices of pop culture history and other commentary alongside the photographs. When discussing the Haunted Mansion attraction, she explains that the bust inside the crystal ball is modeled after the late Leota Toombs, a longtime employee of the park who worked in model building and costuming. Likewise, the sections on Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom include details that guests might otherwise miss. The magnitude of Disney’s achievement comes through loud and clear in the pages of this book, as do the spirit and excitement of the theme parks. Color photos. (BookLife)

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly on 08/12/2016

With this, Holly Wiencek and her team have even outdone themselves!

This book is for all those who are the true lovers of Disney World parks. To take you to the whole journey once again, despite what age you are, Holly Wiencek along with Eric Weber and Bill Sferrazza has photographed Disney world in its true spirit, the kind that still gives all the Disney lovers Goosebumps. Padded with a beautiful hard back cover, Holly takes all her readers on an HD photography expedition to relive those happy moments once again. Eric Weber and Bill Sferrazza’s photographic sense and artistic imagination to click the picture from the most perfect angles is what make this journey even more delightful. Most of her work in has received worldwide acclaim, but this is something completely awesome!

The book has been divided into four different sections (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom), each focusing on one major theme park in the Disney World. The EPCOT section in the book exhibits hundreds of beautiful pictures of each of the pavilions in the World Showcase whereas as there are also pictures of all the famous attraction the parks hold along with all the castles. Beneath each picture, there is also a little description box, detailing the essence of the place.

Readers will find this visual treat almost magical yet so real, urging you to walk through those gates once again. It is a magnificent gift for both kids and adults as it offers great pictorial insights as if you were on a guided journey through Disney. Other than pictures, the book also offer anecdotes, quotes, and lyrics we all love to hear and sing along, making this book a complete Disney package.

“When my friends, Bill and Eric, asked me to review their forthcoming book, “Capturing the Magic: A Photographic Journey Through the Walt Disney World Parks,” I enthusiastically said yes! I immediately pre-ordered my copy and anxiously awaited its delivery.

Finally, it has arrived! As soon as it has been unpacked, I realize what a treat I, and all of you, are in for. This is not your average coffee table photobook of Disney pictures. No, this is something truly magical.

What sets this book apart from the others is the attention to details and the quality of the book itself. I am impressed by the padded front and rear covers. This is not common in a photographic book. And as I begin turning the pages, I take note of the heavy paper stock. Yet another quality mark and one which helps with showcasing the richness of the photographs.

Initially, I page through the entire book from front cover to back cover. Bill and Eric really did a fantastic job of capturing so many details from each park. Daytime, nighttime and parade photos. There’s really no way you can pick a favorite!

Finally, it was time to close the book and start from the beginning. As I begin reading, it quickly becomes apparent how much I have in common with Holly. Her personal story is not that far from my own. While she literally grew up visiting Disney, my first trip wasn’t until I was 18. That said, it wasn’t that many years ago when I took my children to Disney World for their first visits. I very much understand the feelings and emotions Holly shares in her truly wonderful narrative in this book.

As I read further into this journey through the various Disney parks, what I am most impressed with is Holly’s intertwining of Disney facts, personal observations and connecting us, the reader, to her story with Bill and Eric’s incredible photography. Naturally, there are numerous quotes by Walt Disney himself peppered throughout.

If you have have ever wished for a photographic keepsake of YOUR Walt Disney World vacation, your wish has come true. “Capturing the Magic: A Photographic Journey Through the Walt Disney World Parks” will give you the opportunity to relive countless memories. Holly’s personal story combined with Disney Image Makers’ imagery will allow you to relive your Disney memories for years to come!”

“This showed up on my doorstep today and all I can say is wow! If you love Walt Disney World, this book takes you on a magical journey through the parks. This book brought me back to Walt Disney World… I can’t even put in words how amazing it is. The photography was all done by my friends Bill and Eric from Disney Image Makers, two of the best out there.”

“I don’t know if words can adequately describe how gorgeous this book is! I sat down and looked through it from cover to cover and it is just absolutely stunning! I learned things that even *I* didn’t know! The photography is about as close to being there as you can get. The paper quality, the padded cover….I’ve NEVER seen anything like it and trust me, I have another Disney book, smaller and like a pamphlet and flimsy. This book blows that book out of the water! I knew this would be beautiful but it far exceeds my expectations! You should be VERY proud! Its funny cause I cannot pass it on the table without touching it, haha. Thank you for doing this! I look forward to more from this team!”

“I cannot say enough good about this book! I’ve not purchased a book like this before, without really looking through it first. However, following Bill and Eric’s photography online and seeing how customer oriented and interactive they are I had no doubt this would be a great purchase! I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband(as in: also for me!) When the box arrive I knew exactly what was in it, and couldn’t get a moment alone to open it! The next day I was lucky enough to have the time to pour through the book. It was like being on a guided tour through Disney–Holly’s writing just draws the reader in and gives details of the attractions as well as familiar lyrics, anecdotes and quotes that any Disney visitor would love to read! The photography is incredible, and captures so many beautiful details and special moments. It brings me back to our happy vacations and memories! This book has far surpassed my high expectations, I’d recommend it to anyone! I have had to wrap the gift so I don’t give it before Christmas, but knowing what an amazing surprise it will be for him to open is the only thing keeping me from unwrapping it to enjoy it again! I’ll definitely enjoy reading it often!

The book itself is great quality, a nice thick hardcover with padding, and sturdy binding. It was packed well in bubble wrap and in its perfect sized box with a Capturing the Magic stamp on the outside!”

“This book is incredible…the images, the writing, the awesome padded cover, everything about it is simply amazing. So special – I have looked through it about 20 times already. I bought a different one a couple of months ago…it’s was junk and a complete waste of money compared to this one. Great job! THIS should be on the shelves in the parks and the resorts.”

“If you are a fan of the Disney World parks, you must buy this book! The book itself is very high quality with a nice padded hard back cover. The pictures in the book are absolutely amazing! I go to Disney World a lot, and this book helps me relive my wonderful memories of those trips. It is the best souvenir, and I didn’t have to leave my living room to get it.

There are pictures included from all the four major parks at Disney World: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. The EPCOT section includes pictures from each of the pavilions in World Showcase too. There are pictures of all the lands and attractions, as well as descriptions of each. What a great way to relive the Disney magic that you feel when you are in the parks!

The photographers who contributed to this book are great at their craft. I follow quite a few people on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr who post very high quality professional level pictures from the Disney parks and these guys are some of the best!

Definitely worth the $40!!! It is proudly displayed on my coffee table. It would also be a great gift for a Disney World fan!”

“Got my book today!  As soon as I got home from work I opened it!  What a wonderful gift for a Disney Fanatic like me!  The pictures are spectacular!  I can’t say enough good things.  This will be one of my “forever” books to always treasure!  I’ve already told a few people about it and they can’t wait to see it.  I know a couple will be purchasing their own book once they see mine!  Thank you for all the hard work that went into make this book.  I just love it!  I wish you all a merry holiday season!”

“I received my copies of the book yesterday and will be giving my parents their copy for Christmas.

I’ve been traveling to Disney locations multiple times a year since 1997 and have collected a vast array of books about Walt Disney, Disney history, and the parks. Some books are full of Disney history and information, but this one at 256 pages is the most beautiful and extensive as far as photography goes. It has just enough informative text to supplement the photos yet not be too basic for hardcore fans. The book inspires me to improve my own very amateur photography skills. The photographers are also a lot of fun to follow on Facebook (Disney Image Makers).

This is a terrific book for any Disney park enthusiast or even for just the casual fan as a keepsake. And with all the photos, it’s even a great book for kids to look at. I highly recommend it for my fellow Walt Disney World lovers.”

“Couldn’t wait to get my book. And I didn’t have to. Shipping was incredibly fast. I knew what it was by the box. The entire operation is a class act. The attention to detail in the packaging is fantastic……and then I opened the book. WOW!!! The pictures are incredible. The sharp detail and the NOT photo shopped true life color makes this book stand out above the others I have seen. These guys have serious talent. And the writing brings you there. Author Holly Wiencek knows how to make you feel like you’re standing right there in WDW. She writes with feeling and a knowledge of the parks that lets you know this isn’t a copy and paste job. She was there and wants you to feel like you are too. This book is a must have if you are a die hard Disney fan or you have only been there once. Well done!!”

“I cannot stop looking at this fabulous book! I have been to Disney World many times and this beautiful, coffee table book absolutely captures the magic that I feel upon every visit! The stunning photography is by far some of the absolute best I have ever seen. Page after page of incredible images of this beloved place! The text gives me so many details about the attractions and the magic behind the scenes as well. The quality of the book is superb also – the soft padded cover is a nice touch to this substantial book! This is something I know I will have for a very long time. I cannot wait to return to this magical place but until then I will keep looking at Capturing the Magic because that’s what it definitely does for me!”

“Let me just say….WOWWWW! Such an amazing book! Honestly one of the best Disney items that I have bought over the years! It is so beautiful and well made. I am hopeful of a Disneyland version soon with maybe some Walt facts and such!!”

“I received my order today and it is absolutely gorgeous. The time that went into this book, especially the photos is just awesome!! What a beautiful gift for the Disney fan, especially if you love going to the parks as much as my family does!!”

“My wife surprised me with your book. It was delivered today and it was supposed to be a present for Christmas but she couldn’t wait because it is so amazing!! We all enjoyed looking through the whole book. It is a great journey through all the parks. Your photos really capture the magic of Disney. I really love seeing all your photos on Facebook and now I have the book in my house to enjoy. Can’t wait to show people for the holidays. Thanks for putting such an awesome book together for others to enjoy.”

“I received my book today!!!! It is going to look soooo good on my coffee table to share with everyone! It is absolutely amazing! Thank you for posting this picture book, as I have been looking for a perfect coffee table book of Disney! Mission accomplished!”

“I received this book as a Christmas present from my parents. First, I want to remark about how fast the shipping was! My mom ordered it on 12/8, and it was here by 12/11!

Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cover alone. This is not some cheap paper cover! I flipped through the book quickly, and was very impressed with the images in the book. I haven’t had time to really dive into the book yet – but this is a MUST HAVE for any Disney fan. In fact, I know at least 2 of my friends have ordered this for themselves, based on my recommendation alone.

I can’t wait to enjoy this book, and I know this is something I will cherish for a lifetime!”

“This book is as magical as Disney itself! Very high quality photography. The insight on the park is perfect for first time visitors as well as veterans of the Disney experience. High praises for the authors and photographers!!”

“Wow……. Just amazing!!!! If anyone is questioning getting this book let me help them out…..GET IT ! This book is awesome for any Disney fan, the pictures are incredible. This book is so well put together and I’m glad I got it. One of the best Christmas gifts I received yesterday. Well done !!”

“Came in the mail today!!! Wow!! It’s one amazing book. I’m a huge Disney fan & must say.. You have got to get this in the parks!”

“Oh my, got my book today … And oh the beautiful pics!!  I love it!!!”

“Wow wow wow!  I was so excited to receive this amazing and gorgeous book. I was first struck by how well made the book is. Beautiful padded binding/cover, nice pages with a weighted feel and the printing is so vibrant. Not something you would expect for the price.

Opening the book will take your breath away. The photographers and author did an amazing job delivering their promise “A photographic journey through the Walt Disney parks”. The photographs are stunning. The text is beautifully written to compliment the images.

I can’t recommend this enough. You won’t be disappointed.”

“I love this book! I’m a Disney fanatic and this book is a keeper. I’ve recommended it to everyone. It’s so nice to look at the pictures and have memories come to mind of my last visit to Walt Disney World. The photographs are just stunning. You couldn’t ask for more beautiful pictures to show off all the wonderful things that Disney has to offer. This book is a great gift for anyone that loves Disney!!”

“I ordered one as a gift and one for myself for Christmas and I absolutely love it. The photography is gorgeous and makes me miss “home” and I love all the quotes throughout as well.”

“I ordered and received two copies of this fantastic book. Having worked behind the scenes at Walt Disney World for almost 40 years, I have been amazed at the photography in this book. I thought I had seen everything from every angle, but the photography proved me wrong. My little granddaughter is all about Walt Disney World and Santa is bringing her the second copy I purchased…but I have one for my memory book now that I recently retired. If you love the Disney parks, you are going to love this book.”

“Awesome Stuff! Just got my copy in the mail yesterday.  Just placed another order for one today to give as a gift.  Definitely was everything I was hoping for plus some.”

“Totally blown away!!! Extremely happy I purchased this book!! Thank you! °o°”

I just received the book here in Belgium. What a wonderful wonderful book! Great photography, stylish lay-out. Well-packaged. Thank you so much! If you ever do a follow-up (e.g. on Disneyland, or the Walt Disney World-resorts, or Walt Disney World-seasonal evens and holidays, etc) please let me know.

“Gorgeous and magical! A must have to keep the magic alive between trips to Walt Disney World. After seeing Bill and Eric’s photos on Facebook, I couldn’t wait to see what they included in this – not only beautiful photography, but wonderful narrative. The book itself is quality, heavily bound with good stock for the pages. This one’s a treasured keeper!”

“This book is simply amazing! It allows our family to relive our Disney vacation over and over again. My 3 and 4 year old sons sat in awe at the photos. It is the most beautiful Disney book that I have ever seen. Definitely a wonderful buy that you will enjoy!”

“I got this for my husband to give me as a Christmas gift, & I couldn’t wait to open it when it arrived. It is fabulous. The pictures are absolutely outstanding and everything written just reminds me that they understand and share my passion for Disney World.

Now that I have it, I would buy it again in a heartbeat.”

“Thank you so much for organizing our delivery to us of your amazing book. This is the nearest thing we have seen that captures the beauty, design and magic of Walt Disney World. We are planning on taking our daughters this year on holiday for their first visit and this has sparked their imagination and brought Disney World to life for them. It’s a fantastic coffee table book that I’m sure will bring us years of pleasure, it’s clearly been made by someone who loves the place as much as the reader!”

This is a great book full of wonderful pictures. I would recommend this to anyone who loves Disney!